Who is buying cosmetic dental treatments A Nation of Critics In today’s day and age, appearance is everything. We wonder, above all, what’s one of the first things we recognize about a person’s appearance? Those pearly whites we’re recommended to brush twice a day. 84% of adults admitted that aRead More →

Working from home has its perks; a small lie-in, no travelling and being able to answer the door to collect your post for once – no more Missed Parcel slips, hurrah! However, there are downsides to working from home too – staying motivated. It’s inevitable for you to feel like you’re procrastinatingRead More →


Several years ago, younger people and adults would be clamouring to get their hands on the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device. Even if their current handheld was more than capable of carrying out the same tasks. Times have changed. Samsung’s operating profits were down by 60% year-on-year whilst AppleRead More →

Nexus 7.7 Release Date, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and Camera Rumours Nexus 7.7 release date could fall within months away from the iPad mini 2 launches, according to rumors. The May Google I/O event will reportedly coincide with the new Nexus tablet and Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie announcements.Read More →

Social Media: A New Haven for Cheaters, but a New Way to Catch Them, Too Cheating has caught up with the times as more people in relationships tend to conduct their affairs over the Internet. Twitter Hoax Claims Body Found In Burned Cabin Belonged To A Female, Not Christopher DornerRead More →

HTC phones

Pre-orders for Google’s new Android-based smartphone have been three times the level anticipated by network operator T-Mobile who is selling the phones. 1.5 million people have already placed an order for the handset, which is soon to be released. T-Mobile originally placed an order for just 500,000 handsets with handsetRead More →

There are broadly speaking two methods of creating a backup, one is synchronisation and the other is a true backup. The two methods are subtly different and have potential consequences for users and so the choice of the appropriate method is essential.Read More →

BackupMaster is much faster and more reliable than tape backup as it will backup to a flash drive or external hard disk drive, thus speeding up the backup process.Read More →

Traditional backup is generally performed using a tape based backup system with software providing the control. Whilst there have been significant advancements in tape technology over the years it is still a relatively slow process and has particular weaknesses when it comes to useful life of the tapes, time takenRead More →