Who has cosmetic dental treatments anyway?

Who has cosmetic dental treatments anyway?

Who is buying cosmetic dental treatments

A Nation of Critics

In today’s day and age, appearance is everything. We wonder, above all, what’s one of the first things we recognize about a person’s appearance? Those pearly whites we’re recommended to brush twice a day.

  • 84% of adults admitted that a person’s teeth are one of the first things they notice when meeting someone new

In a desperate attempt to match the standards of the impeccably presented individuals you see advertised in the media, the world has turned to a multitude of different treatments, procedures, and tools to improve the way they look.

Perfecting That Smile

Judging by the statistic presented above, one can only assume that cosmetic dentistry takes centre stage in the endless list of measures taken to achieve the desired aesthetic. Smile makeovers are now all the rage.

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A staggering 79% of people have undergone dental cosmetic treatment to improve the way they look

Every year, more and more patients line up to alter their appearance in some way or another. Subsequently, this whim has driven several customers straight into the dentist’s chair; fuelled by the promise of finally achieving that perfect Hollywood smile.

In a nutshell

For many of us, cosmetic dentistry is the solution not just to a few insecurities but a real chance at looking and smiling like the person we really want to be.