BackupMaster synchronisation


BackupMaster doesn’t use synchronization as a full backup is made each time. That is BackupMaster will scan every file on the selected hard drives or network drives and check if it the latest version. If it is the latest version the file it is backed up to the external drive overwriting the older version. This speeds up the backup process as only files that have changed are backed up.

However, if a file is deleted from the PC, BackupMaster will not delete the corresponding file from the backup set. This means that if the user wants to restore the file at a later date it will be available, even if they have deleted the file accidentally from their PC. The files will remain on the BackupMaster device until the user deletes the files from the device.

This is different from an incremental or differential backup as all data is stored once in the exact file structure that appeared on the drive. This means we don’t need to restore each partial or incremental backup to get our files back, we simply select the file or folder we want restoring and this is done at the push of a button.

To provide a solution for people with more than one PC to backup we have developed the BackupMaster MultiBackup solution, which enables the user to back up more than one PC to the same device. Each backup is kept separate from the others and the system ‘knows’ which backup set belongs to which PC.

If a PC is damaged, stolen or lost then with BackupMaster it is easy to restore everything back in the correct directories very quickly. On MultiBackup the correct files for the lost PC will be restored to the new PC of your choice. Restoring is secure, as the files can’t be restored without the unique restore code, which is unique to each device.