BackupMaster is much faster and more reliable than tape backup as it will backup to a flash drive or external hard disk drive, thus speeding up the backup process.

BackupMaster uses an enhanced search algorithm to search for files to backup speeding up the backup process. Restoring is very quick too as you simply list and select the files or folders that you want to restore and restore them at the click of a button. There is no searching thorough the length of a tape and no incremental restore needed.

BackupMaster scans the whole of all the hard drives selected when doing a backup. BackupMaster preserves the directory tree and compresses and encrypts individual files as they are backed up.

BackupMaster looks at each file in turn to ensure it is the latest version, if it is it backups the file up and verifies that the file can be reopened by the restore procedure. This means that BackupMaster is many times faster than traditional tape backup and data is stored in the same directory structure as on the PC.

One of the main drawbacks of tape backup is the reliability of the tapes themselves. Tapes are quite delicate and susceptible to heat and physical damage etc. Many establishments use the same tapes year in year out without checking that the tapes are still readable.

It is only when they try to restore after a problem that they find out if the data can be salvaged, it’s too late if it can’t be restored. BackupMaster on the other hand checks and verifies that the data is readable when it backs up to an external device ensuring data can be restored.

The flash drives and external hard drives used are designed to be robust and will keep data valid for up to 10 years. They are much faster than tape backup systems and CD RW systems. Plus given that BackupMaster has a low process overhead it won’t take over your PC when completing a full backup enabling you to do other work if you wish.